About us

Laetitia Gallin

Fonder and President of A Smart Job

The origin of A Smart Job

After 14 years of professional experience, of which 4 years overseas and 11 years in recruitment, as Manager in an Anglo-Saxon renowned firm, then as director of a temporary work agency, Laetitia Gallin the Founder, seized the opportunity to realize her lifelong goal:

Create and develop her own recruitment firm which would be a French and international reference for recruitment in France.

Our previous experiences have taught us that:

  • Recruiters and candidates were seeking greater transparency, greater confidence and greater simplicity in relationships.
  • Companies are increasingly constrained in their development because of budgetary restrictions.
  • International or foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in France have no or very few recruitment consultants who understand them because of the language barrier.
  • Profiles of candidates increasingly requested and more complicated to find are those of the digital sector.

The aim of this concept is to respond to these requests

In this respect, the objective is to look for companies that recruit and put in relation to their future employees, we choose new technologies to offer recruiters and candidates both SERVICE: Simple, Convenient, Competitive, Efficient and Personalized.

We also wish to use our language skills with our international and foreign customers wishing to implement and/or develop in France and thereby generating employment.

The team

Alexandra Lefrançois

Consultant, Alexandra is responsible for regional and international development. For the last 10 years, she has been an Interim Manager in France and abroad. Her trilingual skills (French, English and Spanish) allow her to develop the network of candidates and recruiters, both in France and internationally.

Patricia Leveilley

Communication and Press Manager, Patricia worked as a business executive in the Insurance sector for 10 years then in Tourism and Leisure for 20 years as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Jean-Michel Gallin

Accounting Manager and Network Developer, has 30 years of experience in the Tourism and Leisure sectors as Chief Executive Officer. Trained in business and financial strategies of the company, Jean-Michel is specialised in Sales Management and Point of Sale Merchandising.